Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Matt Deguara and I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. My love of nature and the outdoors was instilled in me at a young age. Growing up, my family and I enjoyed fishing, camping and hiking in many of the beautiful locations in Northern California.

I wanted to share with others these amazing places and experiences the way I had seen them, so I began to carry a camera with me on my expeditions. I became instantly hooked capturing all of the beauty nature had to offer through the view finder of my camera. What was equally rewarding was coming home and creating a print of that special moment I captured and sharing it with family and friends.

After I finished college and got married, photography as a hobby transitioned into a passion. I became dedicated and committed to learning all aspects of photography. I began experimenting with long exposures, lens filters and working with different types of light. I also spent a lot of time learning how to post process my pictures to get them ready for large prints. Later I was inspired by a good friend and shooting partner,
Ian Chamberlain, who introduced me to medium format film. I strongly feel that although a lot of photographers are strictly using digital cameras today, it was extremely important for me to learn the roots of film and the rewards it had to offer. Shooting with film has also allowed me to print larger and capture certain details in dynamic scenes that I have not been able to achieve with a digital sensor.

By experimenting with different techniques, I believe I have developed my own personal style and touch to photography. Driven by the beauties of all matter, I am on a journey to capture and share some of the most special moments in time. Please feel free to check out my gallery.

photo by
Sean Duan